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I give a care......

As we turn around and yes, it is chaotic, but I will come in hot, having lost control and anticipating a crash big enough to destroy everything. Burn it up at the root this time because Noah’s journey killed the people but not the root of it all. With us being the ones with the dominion with instruction to care for, rule and reign over, grow and reproduce to continue the building of the kingdom of God the ball has been dropped.

Even with the intelligence to make our lifeline eternal according to plan that predates us, this time and era confirms the anger produced in the spirit about a people that like chasing rainbows. That is why I think women were created with an unspeakable joy because some would produce vaginally but some would birth in different ways and the men alike. Some fathers will gain that title from a vaginal delivery, and some would earn the title in humility by building in faith, carrying the weight of adversity focused on God, also like a pregnancy that changes things in time, breaks bones and then delivers a miracle. There would be enough natural resources to survive forever, a system that would grow, change, and be enjoyed. In my understanding animals are here to serve a purpose and need to reproduce because there is a beasty type of lifestyle with other creatures because we need things from them to survive, that is why we are so special.

A fearful thought, what if God created woman giving her His all and the instruction not to do was given to Adam because he was not built to handle the glory? As I feel the hair on my neck rises, I must giggle because it is funny that the thought of clap backs is even a thought. Only because information is simply that and you are not forced to believe or accept it is just food for thought and if your thought patterned does not line up, skip down to a section you can roll with. But do not get all worked up because God will confirm or deny any information, a dispute about it does not make it true or false but exerts unnecessary energy that is of no benefit. However, a debate is welcomed!

A help meet (Genesis 2(:18)) is what the scriptures says the woman was created for because God felt Adam needed some assistance. Honestly, the seed needs to be planted and the egg needs to be fertilized, perfect combination. Which would mean she is here or created to assist and exceed, Proverbs 31 woman describes a woman busy with many responsibilities while the husband goes to work. The woman is handling an abundance of daily duties like chores, preparing, fixing, mending, repairing, teaching, cleaning, learning, planning, feeding, and looking ahead to be ready in the event she needs to be. While the husband goes to work, I am not attempting to minimalize a man’s purpose I am just showing the different jobs, responsibilities, duties, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to carry her weight. He will pick a career and his focus will be there and he will have the chance opportunities to focus elsewhere where the woman is constantly in all places at once. I would love that woman get the understanding that it is important to know who you are to push through because your strength is made strong in the Lord.

Woman, sister, friend, and prayer partner! Yes, it happen, I know you did not mean it, I know you wish you had not did it or said it and YES they gone be alright but it is time to get yourself together. Genesis 1:26-28 msg bible says you are made in His image, to reflect His nature and have responsibility over His creation. Just because the job seems different it is not, the balance is a male was given more body strength and woman you were given more Spiritual strength, according to the scriptures (Genesis 2:22). She was brought to Adam by God’s introduction or presentation. What if spiritual strength is built in its respective places but just like not all males or females, will be naturally able to reproduce. Again, I am not saying one has more than the other what I am saying is both muscles can be built on the opposition gender it just takes time. Probably after the fall, being left with the curse, it is possible woman has been getting the raw end of the stick. I feel some type away about woman too with the anything a man can do I can do better mentality because we finally knew we could and was able and had no choice but to sustain the household, the family, and the business. Then we wanted to compete and here we are women. We should have gotten in and ran out if able because as we see today not just in my immediate circle, but our children are suffering so much with everyone being out of place (Genesis 2:20). Just because you can does not mean you should, like medication side effects are possible and long-term exposure may change things. I almost want to run, shadow box and hits my knees in tears thinking now that this self-esteem stuff could go further than we will ever be able to verify. Women, just like a man could not handle carrying a baby, guess what? You cannot handle carrying the weight you carry right now, especially if you got a child in a man’s body. Things get difficult when there is imbalance the struggle to get balance and in line is difficult with resistance but that is what builds the muscle. Amazingly, sometimes I disappear but I am present, and I am like for real? Are you serious?

A good teacher is someone that reviews the lesson and gets a new revelation, a new point view and/or a new way present the information to help someone struggling. I care that I am focused on woman, but men can also hear my heart and make application. God decided He would make them both male and female before He drew in the sand or took the rib and introduced Adam’s help meet. With that said the gender can be removed but the point is we all were designed in love and on purpose with a position to play for the good of all that is right.

Even our understanding of money is out of place dealing with people who is always focus on power and not the community. In the garden God was specific regarding the creation of human beings, we were 1. Made in His image 2. Made to reflect His nature 3. Made to be responsible for His creation. What that means is being called a slave should be an honor, because in the beginning we learn that 1. I am not my own. 2. I belong to another 3. I was created to serve and that is what humanity should be doing, serving. There is plenty of work, but the problem is the church versus the world the world’s reach is around the world and the churches reach is limited because of the esteem of those chosen to speak on the good new of Jesus. The few churches that can go around the world are doing their best, but the work is plenty, and the body is designed of many parts to do the work and a team equally able is necessary to complete the assignment. But the church has allowed a paper chase to pervert the mission of making disciples. The bible says a good man leaves an inheritance that does not mean money that means knowledge, understanding and wisdom to maintain, get and create wealth. And when we come into the kingdom, the mission is fully funded by those who started one way but have come into the understanding of another way and cheerfully desire to support the mission God has given someone else for Christ’s sake. Recall Proverbs 13:22 says (paraphrased), money for the poor is coming from the rich. However, the hearing of the word becomes the issue of the release in my opinion because the laborers in certain areas are unable, I believe covid took that off the chopping block as delays. People are not willing to give for the good, they only want to give if their name rotates in circles, or they can get a kick back, or it meets a personal desire or conviction. Nonetheless, it takes reach to get the message of the good news for consideration, so the wrong in intention is made good by Gods glory. Wealth is not flashy it is skills, lessons or valuable information that can weather the storms of change, corruption, and opportunity. I must say that celebrity looks flashy but is full of sick people who need to be healed, delivered, and set free that is why we must know who we are, according to life’s instruction manual.

As a black woman and in my endeavors to learn about finances and how to handle it in hopes of being put in a winning position I understand with or without finances I still have victory because when I align with God’s mode of operation, I cannot fail. I can fall but I cannot lose in a winwin situation. I am currently fully entangled, and self-inflicted due to lack of knowledge if truth be told. I have been in survival mode for over twenty years like treading water in the ocean for several days in a roll, I’m exhausted. I am learning it is the masquerade of the America’s that is killing us our view on money and things, our bodies, our children, our families, our desires, and our spirits. We run around trying to keep up with things that are far from being wealthy, they look good but at the end of it all they face living in a tent somewhere in the world, every day. That is why every time you turn on your phone, they are notifying you they still here and they want you to click to make sure they get to ride another trip around the world going nowhere and dizzy no doubt. We have the earth falling a part because it has been compromised with life being created in work rooms and for the right price you can be whoever, whatever, whenever, why ever and however, until you wear the body out. I am amazed about the amount of time I have spent struggling to appear like I am keeping up only to be losing paying five dollars for a dollar item but just because I want it now and not when I am financially able. Working, trying to go to school, trying to make side money all to make money to give to help someone else stay able to come get my hard-earned coins. In most cases my check was spent before I even worked the hours, my God. We must stop fighting over who is better than who, who is richer than who and who has more than you. Focus on who can, who will and who is able to give abundantly in love and on purpose, God. He does not want anyone walking in the shadows of death He would love to walk with us all, consistently enjoying life and enjoying the creation and enjoying the progress, change, growth, and maturity.

Yes, I give a care and I am not ashamed of the past, but it was worthless time, and it does not want to give me life to bring it into my current day, space, and time. I give a care that is why I want everyone to know the Goodness of the Word and the love of the creator, it is ok to love who you are and know you’re created perfect and on purpose. Enhancement is doable but reconstruction is offensive, if you are the creative mind, I would like to think. I give a care because the things I have had to walk through I would not wish on no one and that is why I am constantly praying on the behalf of others begging for ministering angel to encamp and encourage the faith of a mustard seed so as many as possible can stop the walk against the storm to walking in confidence through the storm. Lastly, yes, I give a care because God So loves you (John 3:16) and I do too. As I am not a master on anyone else’s journey but as I walk through mines, I will willingly share knowing for sure it is helping someone else struggling, where I have been, where I am and where I am going. Community is necessary and yes, I believe if each one teaches one then we are headed forward in love and on purpose.

Syreeta D. Adams


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